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Credit cards

Whether you're looking for a low fee card, or one with some awesome rewards, make sure you compare the best ones here the get the most bang for your buck.


Ensure you have a comfortable retirement by choosing the right fund for your situation - easily compare all funds based on returns, fees, and more.


The difference between a good mortgage deal and a bad one could be thousands of your hard earned dollars. Compare rates, and find a trusted adviser, right here.

Personal loans

If you need some extra cash, taking out a personal loan could be an option. Use our tool to compare loans based on fees and interest rates.

Term deposits

Investing some of your savings in a term deposit could be a safe way to earn some extra interest. We'll help you assess the best rates around NZ.

International money transfers

Sending or receiving money from overseas can get costly, with bad exchange rates and high fees charged by banks. Compare the best online money transfer services to transfer smarter.

Car insurance

Protect your car when the unexpected occurs. Compare car insurance providers and easily see what's covered, and what's not.

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